What to do during these Corona Virus times

As most of you are settling into this time of uncertainty weather that be no longer working, staying at home due to quarantine laws or working more than ever, everyone has one thing in common, life has changed. For us we are taking it day by day, we have rescheduled several events, weddings, and engagements for April, hoping it doesn't go any longer than we need. We love what we do and seeing this lockdown is hard knowing how many weddings, engagements, and events we had on the calendar this year, all of which we look forward to, slowly canceling or rescheduling what they can and crossing our fingers for what we've got coming up. We find ourselves spending more time with family whether on the phone, Zoom or a movie with the kids and hope you are finding new fun ways to spend with your loved ones. We also find our selves working more on our business thought it would be fun for a throw-back to our 2019 favorites!

Without further ado: