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These Girls Self-United Their ceremony_Estes Park, CO


Not many people know that you can marry yourselves in some states! This wedding day was so beautiful and intimate that we just had to share. These two lovely ladies took us to the mountains in Estes Park, Colorado for a day of fun and some sweet photos to remember this awesome day for the rest of their lives.

Another thing that many people may not know, is that you can forgo a venue and pricy vendors by simply getting a day pass to a state park! We've shot dozens of wedding day adventures at campsites, park rentals, homes and of course, natural landmarks. While there are many benefits to this option, one thing to consider is the foot-traffic and parking. While we photoshop everyone out, a lot of these stunning places are usually popular tourist spots, especially on the weekend, festival days, or holidays. Though it was a little tricky finding parking, it was worth it as we were able to still get to all of the spots we wanted with great lighting!

We first started at Blue Lake with a touching ceremony with just the two of them and a close friend. After that we walked the trails and made our way over to Moraine Park where we did some gorgeous Bridal portraits and some nice shots by the creek, and finally we finished up at the top of Trail Ridge Road where we shivered at a cold 25 degrees of freezing wind, worth it for those last minutes of sun as it looked like they were on top of the world. Don't forget to check out their highlight video at the end! What a memorable wedding day!


Highlight video of their Wedding Day:



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