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Elegant Buffalo Rose Wedding in Golden, Colorado

Golden! It's the best place in Colorado for a wedding. I could be biased, we've lived in the heart of Golden for over a decade, but boy- when someone calls me for a project here, I'm super stoked. It's my home, it's my playground, I feel like it just LOOKS better here :) Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, maybe I like a short drive sometimes, either way I love it here.

When I was approached by the Buffalo Rose I was shocked to hear they were building a wedding venue in town. They had shut down the restaurant for 18 months and had spent millions on a brand new renovation. To hear they were setting up a brand new wedding venue was pretty exciting, and I was excited to see what they did.

I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Zutman with All Four Season Events, and she organized this gorgeous styled shoot. (Vendors that participated are listed below.)

I was thoroughly impressed by the design of this venue. I mean.. You NEED to see it. Funny story, I was shooting a wedding at another location in Golden a few months ago and had a conversation with a fellow Golden native. We were chatting about different venues opening and brought up the Rose, I didn't mention that I had photographed a couple at the venue but I found it so thrilling that she was convinced that you couldn't make a concert hall a wedding venue. Hehe. It's all about lighting, and the designer of this place KNEW lighting. The decor, the attention to detail in every corner of this place. I mean.. You NEED to see it.

Here are a few from our photoshoot- Check it out!

Photographers - Lanz Photography - #LANZphotography

Rentals - Event Rents - #EventRents

Wear (dress, earrings, bracelet) - Dani West Bridal - #DaniWestBridal

Men's Formal Wear - Generation Tux - #GenTux

Hair & Makeup - Fluff Bar - #FluffBarArbor -

Wedding Cake - Kellys Kakes - #KelleyKakesinCO

Event Styling & Coordination - All Four Seasons Events - #AllFourSeasonsEvents.

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