Wedding Photographer's Rant


It's been a hard past few weeks, hasn't it?

Forgive me for making this blog more on the personal side, but I wanted to know...

How have you been coping with the Pandemic? Are you in an area where you've been locked down? Are you trying to plan a wedding or go back to work while having no clue as to what the future is going to bring? How has this been for you? Well my friend, if you've been panic-stricken and freaking out then you are not alone!

The entire world is suffering right now, nobody ever could have imagined we all would be here. It's so overwhelming to think about. I hope you are faring well during all of this and that this ends quickly with the least amount of impact for you. From what I hear, most everyone's been affected, and a large number of our friends and family are laid off and will be struggling to compete in the narrowing workforce after their unemployment runs out. With this all happening, it seems selfish to complain that we're struggling too because we know it could be much much worse.

For us, quarantine has been a real eye-opener. Not only have we been working on improving our health but we've been looking at ways that we can become more self-sufficient. For over the past decade, we've called Golden, Colorado home. For me, having grown up in Denver it took me a while to get used to its small-town feel and I've grown to love its quiet simpleness.

Such a perfect little town to raise our kids in.. Farmer's markets on Sundays, Candlelight walks during Christmas time, Movie in the Park... If you've ever lived in a small town you know what I mean. Golden in nothing short of amazing, and it's no wonder why others love to visit it.

Living in the heart of Golden, the growth of the School of Mines has changed the landscape for us a lot in recent years. When before we would wake up to see deer walking down Jackson street, we now hear the beeps and bangs from construction noises of buildings being built. While the growth has been great for the city and most everyone around loves this expansion, we long since decided to start saving and planning for a home on the western slope. The thought of photographing in not only Colorado but Utah as well has since been a huge goal for us and we planned to complete this by the end of summer.

Quarantine has shown another reason as to why we want to move. Although we understand why measures have to be taken, the negative impact on our children is something that concerns us, and we're looking to create a more balanced environment for them. Part of the reason we LOVE our career is that we like to live independent and simple lives, and the thrill and adventure of weddings even out our lifestyle.

We've designed our business so that we can do what we love and spend lots of time with our children. Lately, we've found ourselves more and more worried about them, and so we're hoping to still reach our deadline in a few months.

We were concerned our project would be delayed. We were finally able to see their progress after weeks of travel restrictions and am hopeful that we'll be ready to continue to serve Denver while adding Western Colorado and Utah very soon.

I don't think anyone could have imagined that this would have happened. Throughout the first few weeks, it seemed like business as usual, we were even still shooting weddings up until the day before the lockdown in March.

Since then, like most of the wedding industry, we have been forced to reschedule a large portion of our summer weddings and everything has come to a standstill. The wedding industry is wondering what their next moves will be. Most that we know in the industry say that if this continues they'll have to pull the cord and quit their business...

Many outside the industry don't know that for lots of vendors, it's during the busy wedding season that they'll be saving their money to pull them through the winter, or what we call our slow season. If we're not getting paid during our busy season our slow season is going to be difficult, if not impossible for those with families. Most will have to take up a second job in order to make it work or are questioning quitting altogether. This is so devastating to hear.

While we are concerned, we're not too terribly worried about shutting down due to the planning that we've done. Though this year will be TOUGH, we'll be okay ...even if we'll have to grow food and raise rabbits ;)

...Follow our blog to see our progress.

So, how have YOU been coping with this all? Are you planning a wedding for this year? I wouldn't be surprised, despite this pandemic, several of our couples just want to get MARRIED, and some have decided that come hell or high water this thing is happening!

For those brides, we're doing modified Alternative Weddings. For others, they've been moving their weddings forward to 2021. Whatever is going on with you in this crazy world, we hope that you and your families and loved ones are doing well and that you all stay happy and healthy.

I hope you have a fantastic week-


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