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You are Beautiful 

A Boudoir session is designed to make you feel like a Goddess.  Whether before your Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, or 'Just Because',  you deserve to feel and look amazing, and that's why these empowering sessions have always been my favorite.  I find it's such a fabulous way of showcasing the most alluring feminine qualities that every one of us women possess.  


Before your photoshoot, you and I will chat back and forth about how you've envisioned your session and your pictures turning out.  During this planning phase, I'll give you my best suggestions on making the most out of your session so that you are prepared and ready to go the day of your shoot.  I encourage you to send me inspirational boards that will give me an idea of the type of photos you were hoping for and how you'd like to be posed.  

Setting the Scene 

When planning your session, one thing you'll need to consider is where you'd like your session to take place.  The two main places I tend to set up at are homes and hotel suites.  We're looking for nice lighting and an elegant and spacious backdrop. 

Plan plenty of time for yourself the day-of so that you feel relaxed and excited about your session.   Your photoshoot will consist of just you and me (Heather), but feel free to invite a few friends!  One fun thing I see often is to make a girls' weekend out of your photoshoot for some fun encouragement. 


Hair & Makeup 

This is most definitely a session where you should treat yourself to professional Hair & Makeup.  Your session will make you feel STUNNING, and there is nothing that makes us girls feel better than a Boudoir Makeover.  Bring several sensual items that you'd like to try on and I will show you exactly how I want you to pose to bring out your gorgeous curves.   



It takes me a considerable amount of time to make your images just right.  I'll bring in softboxes and reflectors because I know that every shadow and highlight is going to make or break your photo.  I want to bring drama and emotion to your pictures with dimension and depth.  Because of all of this effort, I do spend a good amount of time processing your images to ensure each one is brought to it's most stunning potential.  I deliver between 75-125 images and each one was meticulously perfected to bring out the best version of you.  Your photos will be delivered within 30 to 45 days onto your own private online gallery. 

OH MY GOD. They are so much fun. I love them. You did such a great job. We are going to have to repeat this sometime sooner than later. I think I am hooked. Thank you so so so much.



Your Privacy Protected 


Know that your images are YOURS and they will never be used in ANY of my advertising or for gallery samples that we send to clients.  

A Special Gift 

He'll do anything to make you happy, he gives you the world and promises to protect and love you forever.  Imagine his surprise when you hand him his own private album filled with jaw-dropping sexy photos the one he loves.  For both him and you, this is such a delightful gift.     

Purchasing an album is as easy.  From your online gallery you can create a folder with all of your favorites that I'll use to assemble your album.  

Click here to purchase a Boudoir Premium Album

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