Exclusive Professional Series Photobook


Posted by Lanz | Posted in Client, Conteng2 / Misc, Wedding | Posted on 31-03-2012

One of the exclusive photobook album introduced this year. Shown here is 12″ x 12″ album. Breathtaking!

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Concerts Album


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Here is one of my favourite album last year. I’m assigned to cover this event and eventually select

the pictures for their album.  My guess is no parents would love to buy this album because the subjects

are really random and non exclusive. I wish I could put all the pictures but doing that will make the album

unpleasant to look at.  However, we love the fact that the school principal’s is the fan of our camera works.

Over the years, the grown up children will definitely ask their teacher for this album. They’ll look so much diferent

from now then.

photobook_vista_ceria_2011 001 (Cover 1)A.jpg

here’s the rest of the pages

Farah & Fendy Wedding Guest Book


Posted by Lanz | Posted in Engagement, Wedding | Posted on 08-06-2011

Diorang yang pertama dapat wedding guest book dari kami. Bila majlis nanti, kawan-kawan dan saudara boleh tulis dalam buku ni sebagai kenangan mereka berdua. Farah is my cousin and hired me for their wedding photos. Congrats Farah! check out her sweet dimple :).

Please click the picture to enjoy their guest book gallery ya.



Boleh email kami bagaimana nak dapat wedding guest book untuk perkahwinan korang nanti.


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Hardcover Album


Posted by Lanz | Posted in Wedding | Posted on 26-05-2011

Album yang sebegini agak popular di kalangan pelanggan. 10 tahun dahulu option untuk pasangan pengantin mempunyai album yang macam ni tiada langsung. Alhamdulillah mereka kini boleh mempunyai album yang special ni. Walaubagaimanapun, mereka boleh memilih jenis album yang mereka sukai. Check out other post : Magazine album, Hardcover Album, contoh layout.

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Album Showcase


Posted by Lanz | Posted in Conteng2 / Misc, Wedding | Posted on 22-05-2011

A new variety for the album showcase. Printed on Digital Press Machine, color lasted for more than 50 years. (claimed by the ink technology). By the way, saya pun dah test kalau kena air sikit, boleh sapu dgn kain & tak meresap.  Impressive! tapi yang syok ialah saiz album ni besar and puas tengok. Anda hanya perlu photographer..

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